Strategic Prevention Framework - Partnerships for Success


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PFS Calendar

Upcoming Events:


Upcoming Deadlines:

8/7/19 Jason Kilmer Presentation   9/1/19 Y2 Work Plans
8/8/19 Grantee/Subgrantee Meeting   10/15/19 T/TA Report
8/12/19 SEOW Meeting   10/30/19 Y1 Quarterly Report
8/27/19-8/29/19 NPN Conference      
11/13/19 PAC      
11/13/19 SEOW      


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Evidence-Based Practices, Policies, and Programs

EBPPP Matrix

Contact Taylor Moore to provide reviews and/or program additions to the Matrix


Quarterly Reports

PFS Quarterly Report Template


Training and Technical Assistance

Nebraska Prevention Training and Technical Assistance Flow Chart

PFS Training and Technical Assistance Online Reporting Form

PFS Training and Technical Assistance Paper Reporting Form


NPIRS Guidance Documentation

Compliance Check NPIRS Guidance

Responsible Beverage Server Training (RBST) NPIRS Guidance