Quality Research and Evaluation

Schmeckle Research

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The mission of Schmeeckle Research is to improve the effectiveness of programs and organizations by collecting, analyzing and reporting objective information.

Core Values

·       Integrity: Confidentiality of the data and honest, straight-forward and unbiased reporting of the results.

·       Trust: Building relationships with clients by listening to their needs and understanding the uniqueness of their organization and their purpose.

·       Partnership: Evaluation is perceived as a participatory process that engages organization's staff in developing plans, tools and processes.

·       Pragmatism: It is recognized programs and organizations function in the "real-world" context; therefore evaluation services are conducted with this philosophy.

·       Timeliness: Recognizing that deadlines are important, services are provided on time.

How do you know if your program or organization is making a difference?

Through the use of information gathering and data collection, your program or organization can measure the extent to which you are accomplishing your mission and goals. Schmeeckle Research Inc. provides program evaluation, research and statistical analysis, and consulting to state agencies, nonprofit organizations and universities. Schmeeckle Research Inc. designs and implements effective evaluation plans (i.e., logic models) for grant-funded programs and other organizational initiatives, and then conducts valid and reliable evaluations. Statistical analysis, data interpretation, and reporting transfer collected data into meaningful and useful information.

Schmeeckle Research Inc. offers a personalized and individualized approach to research and evaluation where program context and organizational culture is considered. A philosophy of pragmatic and business-like approach to evaluation services and projects ensures a cost-efficient approach and ultimately is designed to help improve programs and initiatives through the use of credible and unbiased information.

The benefits of conducting research and evaluation include:

  • Improved services and implementation
  • Increased knowledge of the needs of your community and clients
  • Increased effectiveness
  • Improved efficiency 
  • Improved accountability
  • Understanding of strengths and weaknesses
  • More effective strategic planning based on collected data
  • Recognition of achievement of goals and outcomes

"Evaluation, when it’s done right, helps grant makers reflect critically on their strategies, ground their assumptions in trust, and receive feedback from a wide range of stakeholders."

                                                    -Edward W. Wilson, The Headwaters Group